Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

The Early Years Pupil Premium provides additional funding (currently £302 per year) in respect of eligible children, designed to narrow the attainment gap between young children from low-income families and their peers by improving the facilities, equipment and learning experiences. 

When your child joins the nursery, we will ask you to provide information that will allow us to determine whether an EYPP claim can be made.

Batford Nursery School is accountable for the use of the additional funding to support those pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium funding. We currently have ten children receiving EYPP funding in our care. The range of need represented in this group includes speech and language delay, focus and attention control, attachment, SEND, confidence issues, and limited pre-school experiences.

Our strategy for EYPP

We believe that the measure of successful spending should be in the raising of standards, the closing of the achievement gap and the broadening of opportunities. The principles for spending are linked to our aim to ensure teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils at Batford Nursery School. We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups. At Batford Nursery School we strive to improve opportunities and accelerate progress.

Our key strategies to close the attainment and progress gaps for Pupil Premium pupils at Batford Nursery school are:

  • Quality first teaching – every child has the right to the highest quality of teaching throughout their time at Batford Nursery School. A rich, exciting and engaging curriculum is offered to all.
  • Rigorous tracking of all pupils across the school on a termly basis. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the analysis of data. Analysis is drilled down to groups and individual pupils in order to facilitate and target action for improvement, with a focus on closing the gap.
  • All underperforming EYPP pupils are named on class provision maps.

EYPP spend 2018/19

In the academic year 2018-2019, the total EYPP grant received was £4,206.34.

Pupil Premium funding focuses on the core language development skills and Literacy focus of the school development plan through the purchase of the resource and training of the ‘Tales Toolkit’ resource which gives children the tools and motivation to engage with storytelling. This has been shown to improve all types of learning and increase engagement and memory capacity. The staff have attended in-house training for this to ensure consistency of delivery and we have seen the impact and growth in vocabulary and confidence very quickly.

We have also purchased new resources to enhance the indoor and outdoor provision. The resources were purchased to address the needs of the Pupil Premium children. In consultation we discussed with the parents how this money would be spent and asked for their ideas and feedback.

These children also benefit from resources purchased for previous cohort’s EYPP funding including the WELCOMM speech and language intervention programme, story sacks and the ‘communication friendly space’ which have all had a positive impact on the children who have needed extra support with communication, interaction and language needs.

Planning for EYPP spend 2019/20

In September, we will be welcoming a new cohort into the Nursery school. We will be assessing their needs during the first few weeks and making decisions about how best to spend the new EYPP funding. The new cohort will continue to benefit from resources previously purchased for EYPP children.

Date of next review: September 2019