As part of our curriculum at Batford Nursery, we place a high importance on teaching children to be resilient by giving them tools to help them self-regulate and navigate the changing world around them. One of the ways in which we help support children with this is through mindfulness.

We have purchased a new resource called ‘My Happy Mind’ which is an age-appropriate and extensive scheme that includes breathing and guided meditation exercises to help underpin children’s well-being and contentment. The children access this resource weekly with an adult to help guide them through the processes and techniques such as guided meditations, breathing exercises and visualisations, all of which are used with stories, cuddly characters and music to help keep children engaged.

The senior leadership team monitors the children’s involvement and well-being through the ‘Leuven scale’ which uses a numbered reference point to assess and monitor children’s journeys whilst they are at Nursery. The staff have seen a marked impact from the increased use of this resource on children’s ability to manage and regulate their emotions.