At Batford Nursery School we have a qualified yoga instructor who is also an experienced and well qualified early years practitioner. This means that we can use yoga as a vehicle to maximise the children’s physical development. Learning to control the body is important for the development of muscles which will later be used for writing and other fine motor activities.

Communication has an important role. Children develop Listening and Attention skills and hear language modelled well, including the introduction of new vocabulary. This will help children to access the whole curriculum.

Awareness of space and those around them is a vital element of successful social interaction. Engaging children in yoga helps children focus mind and body on the tasks they engage in every day and so they are able to concentrate and become highly involved in their learning across the curriculum, optimising the opportunities for progress.

The children often use elements of their own interest to develop story ideas through stretching and exercise, thus using yoga to develop learning in the Expressive Arts and Design curriculum.

We have a large hall in which the children can follow a planned programme of exercises designed to build on previous learning and development. Our highly experienced teaching staff use assessments to feed into the overall outcomes for each child.