Feeling unwell

For information on Covid-19 symptoms, please see our separate coronavirus information page.

We ask that you keep your child at home if they are ill. Please let us know that your child will be absent by telephoning reception on the first day of absence. This will help us to record absences appropriately and inform us of any general health issues across the school population.

We follow Public Health guidelines on infection control in schools and recommended exclusions. In particular, please ensure that you keep your child at home for 48 hours after the end of vomiting and/or diarrhoea symptoms. This quarantine period is essential to control the spread of stomach bugs, which are often prevalent in nursery.  Note that we apply the same rules for our staff as for the children.

For childhood illnesses such as chickenpox there are different recommended exclusion times. This is important as there are often vulnerable or immune-compromised children in schools as well as pregnant mothers. If your child becomes ill during a session, we will call you or your emergency contact and ask that you come to collect as soon as possible.

Children who suffer from asthma should have a inhaler kept in school so that their medication is always on hand.

If a child has a serious diagnosed condition, we will always work with health professionals to secure the best outcomes for the child.


Accidents happen!  All accidents are logged, explaining how the accident occurred and what action was taken. If your child has any kind of head injury, even if it appears minor at the time, or if we feel they may need medical attention as the result of an injury, we will contact you or your emergency contact. This is usually for information only but if we feel you should come to collect your child, we will let you know. Otherwise, we are happy to monitor and you will be given a slip on your arrival, which should be shown to medical professionals should the child need treatment later.

In the extremely rare case of a serious injury or illness, if you were not readily available, a senior member of staff would accompany your child to hospital and remain on hand until you arrived.