School closure

We subscribe to Hertfordshire County Council's School Closure Notification system, provided by Everbridge.

In the event of Batford Nursery School being closed in an emergency (e.g. severe weather, a boiler breakdown, flooding or emergency lockdown situations or evacuations) this system will be used for closure notifications. This informs the Local Authority of a closure and messages are then sent to local radio stations, public noticeboards and all individuals who have signed up to receive notifications. This system is the best way of getting information directly to your phone. Please register yourself and an emergency contact (someone who is local and would be able to collect your child if necessary).

Family members and childminders can also register themselves. Please remember to provide your emergency contact with your nursery password for collection.

If you have children at other schools too you can register to receive notifications from them in a single registration process. If only takes a few minutes to sign up using the link below: