Meet the team

We are lucky to have an experienced and dedicated staff team, all of whom work tirelessly to fulfil the school’s aims and to give the children the best possible experience of nursery education.

We are known to children and parents by our first names.

Headteacher **

Sarah Hedges

SENCo and Senior Nursery Teacher/Forest School Instructor

Laura Butler

Senior Nursery Teacher/Forest School Instructor

Jenni Voskanian (maternity leave)

Nursery Teacher **

Gemma Bacon

Nursery Teacher

Jayne McGuinness


Early Years Practitioner / Teaching Assistant for SEN

Caroline Borrell

Early Years Practitioner  / Nurture Group Leader

Mel Crosby

Early Years Practitioner *

Phillipa Evans

Early Years Practitioner *

Zoe Faint

Early Years Practitioner *

Sasha Harper

Early Years Practitioner *

Emma Leloch

Early Years Practitioner

Sam Mitchinson

Early Years Practitioner  / Yoga Instructor

Jean Moore

Early Years Practitioner*

Sam Green

Early Years Practitioner *

Sarah Spurr

Early Years Practitioner *

Debbie Wright

Learning Support Assistant

Dawn Russell

Nursery Assistant

Sue Mauder

Classroom Assistant

Alison Preston


School Secretary

Beth Gooseman

Admin Assistant

Amanda Costa

Admin Assistant

Julia Twelftree

School Business Manager **

Katie Coxon

Site Manager

Ian Phillips


*   Key person

** Senior Leadership Team