Early Years Pupil Premium (EYPP)

Early Years Pupil Premium is a sum of money given to schools each year by the Government to improve the attainment of disadvantaged children in the early years.  This is based on research showing that children from low income families perform less well at school than their peers.  Often, children who are entitled to pupil premium face challenges such as poor language and communication skills, lack of confidence and issues with attendance and punctuality.  The pupil premium is intended to directly benefit the children who are eligible, helping to narrow the gap between them and other children in the cohort. 

The amount of the EYPP grant is £302 per eligible pupil.  Batford Nursery School is accountable for the use of the additional funding to support those pupils who are eligible for Pupil Premium.

Number of Children eligible for EYPP in 2020/21

In the autumn term cohort, there are 14 children (13.12 PTE) eligible for EYPP funding. This equates to a grant of £1,462.80.

The range of need represented in this group includes speech, language and communication, social and emotional, SEND and limited pre-school experiences. 

Our strategy for EYPP

We believe that the measure of successful spending should be in the raising of standards, the closing of the achievement gap and the broadening of opportunities. The principles for spending are linked to our aim to ensure teaching and learning opportunities meet the needs of all pupils at Batford Nursery School. We ensure that appropriate provision is made for pupils who belong to vulnerable groups. At Batford Nursery School we strive to improve opportunities and accelerate progress.

Our key strategies to close the attainment and progress gaps for Pupil Premium pupils at Batford Nursery school are:

  • Quality first teaching – every child has the right to the highest quality of teaching throughout their time at Batford Nursery School. A rich, exciting and engaging curriculum is offered to all.
  • Rigorous tracking of all pupils across the school on a termly basis. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is responsible for the analysis of data. Analysis is drilled down to groups and individual pupils in order to facilitate and target action for improvement, with a focus on closing the gap.
  • Provision maps that name all underperforming Early Years Pupil Premium pupils.

We always consult with parents of EYPP children to ask for their ideas and feedback on how they think the grant should be spent.

Planned EYPP Spend, Autumn 2020

Spending of EYPP in the autumn term is focused on resourcing for the three Prime areas learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage, namely Personal, Social & Emotional development, Communication & Language and Physical development. The children are receiving targeted nurture support, giving them the opportunity to use the purchased resources, which have been carefully chosen to meet the children's identified needs.  The children will be observed via Tapestry using the resources and this will give the parents the opportunity to talk with their child about what they are learning at nursery and is also a further opportunity to engage with parents about how we are using the EYPP funding to support their particular child.

EYPP is also being used to fund sessions for a small number of children in the Day Care half term holiday club.  If this proves successful, it is something we will consider extending to other children throughout the year.

As the year progresses, the SENCo will consider any staff training needs and these will be incorporated into future expenditure plans.

EYPP spend 2019/20

In the academic year 2019-2020, the total EYPP grant received was £3,808.05.  For an analysis of how this was spent and the impact of the pupil premium funding, please read or download the document below.