Bunting 0-2s

Bunting Room has space for 15 children from 6 weeks to 2 years. The room is well equipped with high quality play equipment and sleep nests and cots.

Each child is assigned a Key Person who is responsible for producing your child’s journal. They will start this the day the child joins the setting and will carry out weekly observations and plan specific activities for your child based on developmental next steps and their current interests.

We support the children in making attachments with all staff during their sessions so that your child is happy and confident within the room.

Playing and Exploring

There are numerous opportunities for the under 2s to play and explore and we plan suitable activities and resources throughout the day, to ensure the children are appropriately stimulated and can begin to choose independently what they would like to do.

In addition, the Room Leader plans adult-focused activities each session to develop the children’s skills and help them to achieve their milestones, for example; learning to dress, beginning to walk, feeding themselves, puzzles and developing communication skills.

We have a well-equipped garden and the children play outside every day, or may be taken out on short walks in our double or triple buggies.

Rest and Sleep

We operate a responsive sleeping approach for children, meaning we support the children in napping when they show physical signs of being tired or ask to go to sleep and we do not wake children after a set amount of time.

We will aim to work with home routines but staff can only encourage a nap for a short period of time and if the child is not able to fall asleep they will leave the sleep area and we will within that time, we will allow them to leave the sleep area and then support them in sleeping when they become tired.  Each child has their own 'sleep box' containing their comforter or special toy if they have one.

Children often have different routines at home to Day Care. This is because the day is structured differently and there are many opportunities for them to play with their friends during the session.  

Bottle Feeding

We encourage responsive feeding for babies and are able to provide formula or give expressed breast milk from home.  Parents are required to bring in pre sterilised bottles which will be stored in individual children's boxes.

If your child is solely breastfed we advise you to introduce bottles six weeks prior to their start date and encourage others at home to feed them during this time. In our experience it eases the child's transition into Day Care. It can also benefit the child to have a muslin/blanket scented from home to support the feeding process.

Introducing solids

We begin introducing solids around 6 months old when the child is able to :

  • sit upright holding their head
  • co-ordinate their eyes, hand and mouth to look at and pick up food
  • swallow food (babies who are not ready push food back out of their mouths)

The first foods to be given will be vegetables and fruits, moving on to carbohydrates and meats. We record each time your child experiences a new food and monitor them for any reactions.

All meals are prepared on site by our experienced chef. We create seasonal menus which are sent out via newsletters each week.

Moving up

The children will usually stay in Bunting Room until the school term following their 2nd birthday, e.g. a November born child will normally move to Cuckoo Room in January.