Cuckoo 2-3s

Cuckoo Room can accommodate up to 24 children aged 2-3.

This is a very important developmental age for children and we will complete the statutory 2 year old assessment whilst the children are in our care.

Play and learning

We recognise that children learn best if they are interested and excited by the process; our planning is therefore responsive to children’s emergent interests and preferences. Children do not make a distinction between learning and play and neither do we; experienced and enthusiastic staff identify the opportunities for teaching and learning and weave all aspects of the seven areas of learning of the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework into both structured sessions and everyday activities.

The setting’s outdoor spaces are exceptional and offer the children the type of adventurous play opportunities that so many children are unable to experience. There are trees, shrubs, expanses of grass, climbing equipment and paths into the secret world of childhood.

The children are encouraged to be independent from the earliest stage.  The play is generally 'free flow', meaning that the children can choose whether to be indoors or outdoors and what they would like to do.

For further information about the Early Years Foundation Stage, we recommend: Understanding how your child will develop and learn

Rest and sleep

Children have the opportunity to sleep in the early afternoon.  We have a dedicated sensory sleep room (Tawny Room), where the children are supervised as they rest on comfortable sleep mats.  Each child has their own 'sleep box', which details their preferences and contains any special toy or comforter they may have.

Meals and snacks

 All meals are prepared on site, using quality ingredients.  We are able to accommodate dietary needs and preferences, although children will be encouraged to try new foods alongside their friends.  Meals and snacks are taken in the Cuckoo Room and we aim for a family environment, to promote social skills and good table manners.  Duty staff will eat with the children to model the good behaviours we value.

Moving up

Children generally stay in Cuckoo until their 3rd birthday; in the following term they will transition to Nursery if you choose to keep your child at Batford Nursery School, e.g. a child born in January will usually move up to Nursery at the start of the school summer term.