3-5s Wraparound

Once children have had their 3rd birthday, provided there is space, they move to Batford Nursery School for their free early years education (15 or 30 hours) but Batford Day Care continues to provide any wraparound care that is required.  Note that Batford Nursery School's 15 hours offer is for a full week, either five morning sessions or five afternoon sessions, term time only.

We do our best to accommodate wraparound requests, but this is always subject to availability.  There are spaces for 24 children in the day care.

The wraparound activities are fully integrated within the nursery setting.


Children are always learning and every play activity is an opportunity for learning and development, however the activities the children undertake in the sessions beyond their 15 hours education tend to be less structured and will be organised based on the children's own interests.  For example, if there are children who love fire engines we might set up a fire station play area for them.

Outdoor Play

The children play outside every day and should have a pair of wellingtons and come appropriately dressed for the weather.  There is a large and well-resourced outside space.


There are quiet spaces in the Robin Room, with cushions and soft furnishings, where children can rest and relax and we ensure that there are quiet activities during the day, e.g. mindfulness sessions  - we use the My Happy Mind resources.

Meals and snacks

At this age, the children take their meals in the dining hall, but sit in 'family groups' with a consistent member of staff.