SEND Offer

You can read about our provision in the Hertfordshire Childcare directory, or click on each question below to find out about our SEND offer.The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is Joy Scott.

Our SEN policy is published on the policies page of this website.

The Children and Families Act 2014 states that local authorities must publish a local offer for children with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). 

Batford Day Care has an ethos of valuing and supporting each and every child to reach their full potential.  We welcome you to talk to any of our staff members if you are concerned about your child, however you may request to speak to our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (Senco). We also work closely alongside the Senco and teachers in Batford Nursery School.

We work in partnership with the Family Centre and the local Health Team. If your child has been identified as having a special need or disability prior to starting at Batford Day Care we can work alongside you and any other specialists involved to discuss any reasonable adjustments that need to be made in order to meet your child’s needs at our setting.

You will be provided with a registration form prior to your child starting with us, which will enable you to inform us of your child’s medical history, any other professionals involved or health care plans that might need to be drawn up.

Our staff will closely monitor and observe your child using the Early Years Foundation Stage framework.  The guidance provided in the Early Years Outcomes section of the document will help us assess your child’s progress and how we can further plan for their current interests and developmental needs.

Our Manager, Amy Gaitely, Deputy Manager, Sarah Darkins and Senco, Joy Scott have a wealth of experience of working with children who have a variety of needs.  We undertake home visits of children who have additional needs or disabilities which enable us to talk with you and observe your child in an environment where they are comfortable.

Observations taken at the visit inform us of your child’s current stage of development and help us prepare for their first day with us.  Although our staff team know all the children individually, your child will be allocated a Key Person ensuring that your child feels secure and happy whilst they are with us.

Our staff will happily discuss your child’s progress with you when you bring or collect them from the Day Care.  You may also arrange to speak to the Manager via the telephone or meeting if you would like. 

The observations taken of your child will be collated in a learning journal which we would be delighted to share with you.  We very much encourage you to contribute to it by uploading pictures of any fun things you have done with your child.

We hold formal consultations during the year where your child’s key person will inform you of your child’s progress. There may also be a variety of meetings with other professionals where we will review your child’s progress and discuss any provision and support you receive.

Activities and resources used are based on children’s interests and abilities. We use the Early Years Outcomes document within the Foundation Stage framework to guide us with the planning of appropriate and stimulating challenges. We will also work closely and seek guidance from any other professionals involved with your child.

We will, where possible, seek training for our staff to further support your child’s needs. Our Senco will also attend regular training that will inform us of current ideas and legislation regarding children with SEND.

Our staff are highly trained and experienced and work within a caring and friendly environment.  The wellbeing and safety of your child is paramount to everything we do. 

We are fully equipped to manage children with toileting or nappy changing and have access to a disabled toilet within the setting.  The stairways up to the dining area are fitted with a chair lift.

We will work in partnership with other professionals working with your child seeking guidance and support where necessary. 

Our policy and procedures in place for administering medications ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities.  A senior staff member will attend any training necessary in order to administer medication or undertake daily medical procedures.

We work in close partnership with the teachers of Batford Nursery School and the local Family Centre and are able to access advice and guidance on a daily basis. We also work closely with the Health Visitors and Local Inclusion Officer and Speech and Language Team who are available should we need further advice. Any other professionals involved with your child will also support us where necessary.

Our staff have a wealth of experience and knowledge of working with children with a range of different needs and abilities.  Several of our staff have attended Makaton training and readily share expertise within Batford Nursery School and Day Care.  Our Senco regularly attends cluster meetings and training on working with children with additional needs.

We occasionally enjoy short outings in our local area. 

All staff are required to read and sign that they understand our policies and procedures, which include taking children on outings. Full risk assessments are undertaken ensuring that adequate staff ratios are in place and that hazards are minimised. 

We will discuss with you any issues to ensure that your child can be included.  You are most welcome to come along with us a parent helper if you prefer.

You will have the opportunity to complete the All About Me sheet with us upon our home visit.  This will provide us with information about your child’s current abilities, needs and interests.  We will use this information to inform our plans ready for your child’s first day with us.  You are welcome to look and contribute to your child’s learning journal.  Please ask a staff member who will arrange this for you.  We will keep you informed regularly of your child’s progress and you can arrange to meet with your child’s key person, the Senco or Amy, the Day Care Manager at a time of your convenience.

If your child is demonstrating particular interests or has taken part in something outside the setting please let us know and we will plan to extend this interest in any way we can.

You may attend team around the family meetings with a range of professionals who work with you. These meetings are an opportunity for us to discuss and review how your child is progressing and the support you a receiving.   We will seek your consent and inform you of, any outside agencies who arrange to visit your child in the setting.

Batford Day Care meets the current legislative regulations and the requirements of the Equality Act 2010.  We will undertake a risk assessment to ensure that our environment inside and out is safe and suitable for your child. 

Most of our garden is on one level and, where possible, reasonable adjustments will be made so ensure that your child can access all areas.  We have access to disabled toilets, including changing areas.

Our resources are housed in low level furniture so our children can freely access them.

You may have attended Early Support or other meetings involving other professionals working with your child.  If so, these are an opportunity for you to discuss how your child will transition between and to new settings. We will also be able to talk with you at the home visit how we intend to support your child’s transition to Batford Day Care.  We will plan for you and your child to attend settling in sessions in order for your child to become familiar with their key person and our environment.  In addition, if your child attends another setting we can also arrange to visit them there. You may find that your child settles very quickly at Batford Day Care but, if this is not the case, you will be invited to stay for part of the session in order for your child to feel comfortable with us.

We work in partnership with local schools where class teachers attend our setting in order to meet new pupils.  We can also organise for your child’s key person to visit the school with you and your child.  We have found that making a little book with photographs of your child’s experience there is a very successful way of easing transitions to a new setting. 

We are a fully inclusive setting ensuring we meet the needs of all children.  We may be able to apply for Exceptional Needs funding for your child in order to further support them at Batford Day Care.

We have a wealth of resources that are appropriate for your child to enjoy, develop and learn new skills.  These are displayed creatively and are easily accessible for the children.  We will discuss with you any concerns and as far as is possible ensure that your child can access all of these during each session.

Our children play inside and outside during the day, particularly enjoying our extensive gardens and outdoor equipment. We can seek to borrow certain pieces of equipment for specific needs if necessary. We also use a visual timetable which is often helpful with young children.  This will help your child with their daily routine of activities throughout the session.

Amy Gaitely, Day Care Manager

Sarah Darkins, Deputy Day Care Manager

Joy Scott, SENCo