Statutory information

On this page we signpost information that, as a maintained school, the DfE requires us to publish on our website.
Paper copies of key documents and the information published on the website are available from the school office on request.

School contact details

How to get in touch and the names of key contacts are given on the Contact Us page

Admission arrangements

Please see the Admissions section for details of admission arrangements, including how to apply and oversubscription criteria.

Ofsted reports

To view our latest Ofsted report please follow this link to the Key Information section.


Details of our curriculum offer are within the Teaching and Learning section.

Behaviour policy

The school's behaviour policy (including anti-bullying), together with the governors' written statement of behaviour principles are published on our Policies page.

School complaints procedure

We care what you think and hope that all concerns can be addressed before they become a complaint.  If matters do escalate, you can find our complaints procedure on our policies page.

Pupil Premium

You can read about our Early Years Pupil Premium strategy on our EYPP page, how we have spent our pupil premium last academic year and effect of that expenditure on eligible and other pupils.

Special educational needs (SEN) and disability information

We publish our SEND Offer, which gives information about our school's policy for pupils with SEN and/or disabilities, and update this annually.  Our SEN Policy and Accessibility Plan are found in the Policies section.

Equality objectives

We set equality objectives in summer 2019 and will monitor progress against these.  You can also find out on this page how we comply with the public sector equality duty.

Governors' information and duties

Information about our governors and the work of the governing body is on the Governance page.

Charging and remissions policy

Schools are not permitted to make any charge for admission applications or for education of children and there are very few circumstances  in which we would make a charge.  These circumstances and our policy on requesting voluntary contributions are covered in our Charging and remissions policy published on the Policies page

Values and ethos

We have a shared values with Batford Day Care and you will find these in the Aims and Values  page within the Nursery Prospectus pages.


Financial benchmarking

You can find out about how we spend our funding on the DFE Financial Benchmarking site.


Remote learning offer

You can see our remote learning offer alongside our Covid-19 risk assessment and other useful information on the Coronavirus information page.