Strategic Vision

The governors and senior leadership team have a three-year strategic vision for the school:


Leadership and Management is forward thinking and able to adapt to the challenges of fluctuations in funding and a changing educational landscape.



In partnership with parents, we support all children with the skills and confidence needed for their next steps in education.



Our highly trained staff are valued and supported to continue to the goal to be Outstanding.



We manage our unique school grounds, buildings and facilities efficiently, to maximise social and learning opportunities.

School Development Plan

The strategy is supported by an annual school development plan.

Each year, the Headteacher meets with our Hertfordshire Improvement Plan to determine areas for school development and these are articulated in a plan which is shared with staff and approved by the governors.  Priorities are chosen for each of the four Ofsted inspection strands and progress towards specific objectives within each is monitored throughout the year.

The key priorities for 2020/21 are:

Quality of education

To develop a deeper understanding of the key features of effective early years’ mathematical pedagogy; and to further develop the teaching of skills through meaningful contexts where children explicitly engage with mathematical concepts and language.

Personal development

To adapt the curriculum offer and provision in response to Covid-19, so that all children’s mental health and wellbeing is supported effectively in order that they can flourish in their learning within an inclusive environment and no child is at a disadvantage.

Behaviour and attitudes

To further develop a culture and environment where differences are celebrated and nurtured through age-appropriate teaching, to ensure that the children embrace their citizenship and the diverse culture in the world in which they live.

Leadership and Management

To balance continued investment in staff professional development with the need to maintain the financial sustainability of the Nursery and Day Care provision to secure consistently outstanding practice and optimise outcomes for children.