Comments, compliments & complaints

Both the Nursery School and Day Care are committed to continuous improvement.

Training and Self-review

To improve our offer to parents we keep abreast of new ideas in early years care and education and regularly self-review our provision for the children as well as our structures and the way the settings are led and managed.

External review

The school is judged by our Herts for Learning improvement partner – an experienced consultant headteacher, who conducts a Joint Annual Review Visit, following similar lines to an Ofsted inspection. The Day Care setting invites external consultants to review its provision and development plans.


We are of course subject to Ofsted Inspection visits and the school’s most recent Ofsted inspection report recognised our desire for continuous development:

“ … you have always been steadfast in the view ‘we can do more.’ You and your team have not stood still, nor been complacent.”

And, in the Day Care:

“The management team is ambitious and highly reflective of the provision it provides.”

We care what you think

Most importantly, we care what parents and carers think and we have an open door policy for you to speak with your child’s key worker or the Headteacher/Day Care Manager if you think we are doing things well, or not so well.

You can also submit your views about the school on the Ofsted run site, Parentview - in 2017/18, 95% of parents who completed the survey said they would recommend Batford Nursery School to another parent.


By open communication, we hope that we can always deal with any issues or concerns on an informal basis, but if you are unhappy with the way things are handled both the school and the day care have a formal Complaints Policy, which you can download from the pdf links below or in the Policies sections of each setting’s pages of this website.

School Complaints Policy:

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Day Care Complaints Policy:

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