What parents say


I could not speak highly enough about this AMAZING nursery! Every member of staff is loving and friendly and only has the children’s best interests at heart. My daughter has flourished here. What a wonderful nursery. As a parent I couldn’t ask for more!

I'm honestly struggling to write this as it's impossible not to become emotional when I think of us leaving Batford School. It's been more than our daughter's first nursery, it's the smiling faces at drop off and pick up, the support and reassurance throughout the pandemic, the memories of Christmas plays and songs about baked potatoes!? My daughter has been given a wonderful start to her education and has flourished at Batford and the advice and support we've received to support her at home has been invaluable. Thank you, we really will miss you all.

Batford Nursery has been a key stepping stone before starting school. It allowed both our boys to explore safely and improve their independence and confidence. We love the setting with lots of outdoor space and always receive a warm welcome from all the staff. We will all miss coming, so many thanks for everything you have given our boys.

Batford has helped support both me and my child with her learning and recognised areas that might need a bit of help. All the teachers were supportive. Very supportive throughout lockddown. The reception staff also very welcoming and helpful. I have loved seeing my daughter grow with the help of support from Sarah, the Head, and all the teachers. From the first home visit till the last day all very well planned.

The biggest thing to say is that we have a huge emotional affinity to the nursery. It feels like an extension of the family. More than anything, the whole experience feels very human. For our daughter, no doubt, it has helped her to grow into a very confident young girl, who is well equipped for the next step of education. She’s also made loads of friends, thankfully many of whom she’ll be going to school with in September.

Batford Nursery has helped us to feel welcome and a part of the community from day one. We feel ridiculously lucky to have found you. Your support and encouragement has been invaluable and we are hugely grateful for your outstanding care. Thank you very much for everything.

Batford Nursery has provided a fantastic foundation for my child. The activities provided are comprehensive, varied, engaging and so well planned. The atmosphere is at Batford is happy and fun and throughout all the play you can see learning is taking place. Throughout lockdown, the home schooling ideas that were sent home in a pack and provided on Tapestry were exceptional. The nursery has helped my child's confidence grow and provided her with some wonderful experiences. My child's key worker was outstanding, she has an amazing rapport with the children, showing such enthusiasm and making the children feel secure and happy. Thanks to all the staff for making my daughter's time at Batford so enjoyable.

Batford Nursery School is an amazing nursery has really helped prepare my son for school. Its rich learning environment and friendly and caring staff have made my son very happy and he is always excited to go! We are sad to be leaving!

The leadership team is particularly strong, led by the extremely competent and effective Head, Sarah Hedges. Somehow Sarah knows all children, all parents, is heavily involved in day to day nursery activities and yet also empowers her team.

As a working mother I have felt very grateful that my son has spent his time away from home in a setting like Batford Nursery. I had no guilt sending him there for full days as I was confident it was good for him and has helped prepare him for school and life after nursery.