Meet the team

Many of our staff have been with us for a long time and only leave us when they are moving on to further training or to achieve promotion in another setting (or to have babies of their own!). 


The Directors of Batford Day Care Limited are:

  • Sarah Hedges (Headteacher of Batford Nursery School)
  • Georgina Collings
  • Jenny Elworthy Croughton
  • Amy Gaitely
  • Zoe Price


The Day Care Manager is Amy Gaitely and the Day Care Business Manager is Zoe Price.

The Deputy Day Care Manager is Sarah Darkins.

 Buntings (0-2s) 

EYP, Room Lead

Monica Chowdhury

EYP, Room Lead Support

Kayleigh Harris


Abi Cooper


Tracey Holden


Jannelle Redgwell

Early Years Assistant

Julia Lamb

Early Years Assistant

Lily Norwood

  *EYP = Early Years Practitioner

Cuckoos (2-3s)
EYP, Room Lead, SENCo Joy Scott
EYP Naomi Dickinson
EYP Sylvia Harris
EYP Tanya Fisher
EYP Lisa Pemberthy
Early Years Assistant Emma Bates

*EYP = Early Years Practitioner

 Rainbows (3-4s) 

EYP, Room Lead Jennie Harris
EYP, Room Lead Jackie Ismay
Early Years Assistant Michele Evans

 *EYP = Early Years Practitioner

Support Staff
Chef Christine McGarvey
Lunchtime Assistant Grace Siu