Partnership with Parents

Home is where most of your children’s learning and development takes place and so we recognise the power of partnership with parents – to achieve our goal of assuring the best social and educational outcomes for your children, we need to work closely together.

There are many ways in which parents can be involved in their children’s education:

  • Support the transition to nursery process - this begins at the home visit
  • Support what your child is doing at school by sharing the Firm Foundations Packs, reading library books and getting involved in the Half Term Challenges.
  • Come to the parent consultations, when we can share information and progress.
  • Keep in touch via the website, Facebook, parent bulletins and newsletters and Tapestry; check emails regularly and pass on relevant information to those who share drop off; sign up to the School Jotter App for newsletter notifications.
  • Offer to help, either as a one off for visits or as a regular volunteer.
  • Engage with the Governing Body and perhaps offer your services when there is a vacancy.
  • Support our school with fundraising by attending and helping out at events such as cake sales and coffee mornings.
  • Always show your child that you value his or her creations and attempts at writing … but resist the urge to push them on too quickly.

Engaging parents in their child’s learning and development is highly valued. Staff will take time to enable parents to understand how they can extend the knowledge and concepts each individual child is learning in nursery.

Our parents are very much part of the Batford Nursery community and we trust you will feel welcome from your very first visit. The work we do with the children is a journey we make together. Parents are welcome to discuss their child’s progress at any time, with the class teacher or key worker, and to share ideas for supporting learning.

The pages in this section give essential information about what parents can expect from Batford Nursery, including day-to-day administrative information, what we can offer to support families, and how parents can engage with their children’s learning at home.

Home Visits

Shortly before your child joins us at Batford Nursery School, we will get in touch to arrange a home visit. This will usually be from one of the teachers and/or your child’s key worker designate. The home visit give an opportunity to ask any questions you may have as well as sharing information about your child, as we begin to get to know each other.

We also offer an opportunity for parents and children to come to nursery together to get to know the setting and staff.

Your Key Person

The delivery of the curriculum is underpinned by ensuring children are emotionally ready and settled to learn. It is a requirement that children in the Early Year have a nominated Key Person. This gives each child and family a special person with whom to build strong relationships: the key person’s role is to ensure the children for whom she is responsible settle well and easily into the nursery and that their care is tailored to meet their individual needs. The Key Person attachments form an integral part of the children’s educational success because staff monitor and support children’s levels of well-being and involvement. The Key Person will be the family’s main link with the nursery and will share information with the parent or carer about how the child is settling in and what he or she has been doing each day. She will observe learning, keep the child’s Learning Journal and work with the class teacher on planning for the next steps in learning and development.